Expert Risk Management

The RAMSES team maintains an unwavering dedication to security and risk management, which originates from their extensive experience and involvement in the Solidly ecosystem since its inception. This deep-rooted commitment drives their approach to ensuring a robust and secure platform.

Drawing on their comprehensive understanding of existing exploits, vulnerabilities, and architectural flaws within commonly forked ve(3,3) codebases, the RAMSES team is well-positioned to address potential issues. They have adopted a methodical approach to identify and mitigate these concerns as they arise within the underlying system.

To provide further insights into the existing flaws and the specific measures taken by RAMSES to address them, the team will be publishing an authored post in the near future. This post will offer a comprehensive overview of the steps taken to alleviate vulnerabilities and enhance the overall security of the RAMSES platform. Through this commitment to transparency, RAMSES aims to ensure the utmost security and peace of mind for its users.

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