๐Ÿ’ฅCL Boosting [DEPRECATED]

RAMSES CL has a boosting mechanism that allows you to attach your veRAM NFT to a position in order to earn more rewards

Boost was removed from RAMSES as of April 2024

The RAMSES CL implementation has a unique boosting feature akin to that of the V1 AMM. A max total boost of 2.5x, as before, has been retained and can be calculated easily through the contracts (along with the front-end). There are two (tranches) for rewards of the epoch: - 40% of emissions/rewards are allocated to the Base Tranche - 60% of emissions/rewards are allocated to the Boost Tranche The 40% represents the base yield of 1.0x, while the 60% is an extra 1.5x. Summated these achieve the max total boost of 2.5x.

Simple Boost Formula:

Boost=(boostedLiquidityย รทliquidity)ย +1Boost = (boostedLiquidity \ \div liquidity) \ + 1

These values can be found on the GaugeV2 contracts for the associated pair (e.g. ARB/ETH 0.05%), by inputting the NFP ID.

Boost can also be viewed as a % ratio of your TVL in the pool, in relation to your veRAM % of the pool. If you are 20% of the TVL in a pool, you need >= 20% of the veRAM attached to the pool to maintain a 2.5 MAX boost.

An example of the Boosting interface can be seen below:

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