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Overall Changelog

RAMSES V2 will be taking the ve(3,3) DEX model to another iteration of innovation, by utilizing UniswapV3's concentrated liquidity design in junction with the original solidly model.
  • Concentrated Liquidity (V2 rAMM) [DONE]
    • Fee share with LPers, FeeDistributor (veRAM), and ecosystem-- adjustable ratio
    • CL Gauges to support Nonfungible Positions
    • Novel staking algorithm to calculate emissions based on a simplified delta
  • Front-End [WIP]
    • V2 houses a brand new, lightning fast, front-end.
    • There will initially be two separate segments of RAMSES, as we adopt a hybrid model during the transition phase
    • Beta Front-end + Concentrated Liquidity Interface
  • Hybrid AMM [DONE]
    • Before the model is able to fully decide whether to pursue a dual model (V1/V2 LP types) or to choose one or the one, there will be a Hybrid AMM stage where both V1/V2 models will be live and intertwined.
  • Improved Analytics: V1 & V2 [DONE]
    • Both versions of our analytics are live in this V2 update.
  • BUSL-1.1 Licensing [DONE]
    • With the novel changes to the RAMSES codebase, we have decided to build a moat around our CL implementation under a BUSL-1.1 license. This is done so that users can comfortably read our code and see what they are interacting with, while safeguarding malicious forking and intellectual property hijacking.
  • xRAM Token [DONE]
    • Sustainable RAM derivative that creates an innate flywheel that aligns with protocol goals.
During the transition towards the Hybrid V1/CL model, there may be some unsuspected hiccups-- thus the team will slowly roll out changes to provide education and a UI/UX feedback loop.
Last modified 7mo ago