๐Ÿ”ขDefault Fee Tiers / Tickspacing

There are 4 default fee tiers when creating a RAMSES V2 concentrated liquidity position:

  • 0.01% - The lowest fee tier available (1 bps), this provides the best rate for highly correlated and pegged assets: e.g. (USDC,USDT)

  • 0.05% - The second lowest fee tier, this is good for competitive asset classes, such as USDC/WETH, which generate a lot of volume.

  • 0.3% - This fee tier is the standard for pairs that do not fall in the other categories.

  • 1.0% - Currently the highest fee tier available, 100bps provides sufficient fee generation to offset the risk of providing liquidity for highly volatile assets.

Additional Fee Tiers:

  • 0.005% - For ultra-stable token pairs, such as USDC-DAI, USDC-USDC.e, and USDC-USDT

  • 0.025% - For competitive blue-chip pairs

New fee tiers may be added in the future based on market conditions, and would be creatable through the V2 Pool Factory

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