Novel Changes & Codebase Restructuring

In our V1 iteration, RAMSES builds upon the foundation laid by SolidlyV1 and incorporates enhancements made by Velodrome. We have taken the initiative to reconstruct several core contracts from scratch, ensuring the removal of any existing exploits and attack vectors. The RAMSES team has dedicated extensive hours to meticulously analyzing the flaws and weaknesses of the overarching system. We have learned from our peers in the space and leveraged our collective experience to strengthen the platform.

Users of RAMSES can interact with confidence, knowing that our team remains constantly vigilant in identifying and addressing potential issues. We have a strong commitment to security and prioritize the safety of our users' funds and assets. If any vulnerabilities are discovered, we act swiftly to remediate them. Our obsession with security is reinforced by our team's extensive experience in information security within the DeFi space, including contributions to the security of other Layer 1 blockchains.

With this comprehensive approach to security, RAMSES strives to provide a trustworthy and robust platform for users to engage with. We are driven by a relentless pursuit of ensuring the utmost security and protection for our community.

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