Price Determination

10,000,000 $RAM will be allocated to the sale.

You can contribute with ETH in exchange for $RAM tokens, which are to be claimed after the end of the sale.

The tokens you will receive will have the exact same value per dollar as all other participants.

The initial seeding price of liquidity will be determined as such:

P_0 \ = $ETH_{raised} \ \div\ 10,000,000
Pmaxย =ย 100ETHย รทย 10,000,000RAMP_{max} \ = \ 100_{ETH} \ \div \ 10,000,000_{RAM}

P0 = Initial Price $ETH_Raised = $ value of all ETH raised during the Fair Auction Pmax = 0.00001 ETH per RAM

Initial LP Seeding will be half the price of the LGE, accounting for bots.

Once the auction is completed, the Ramses team will pair an extra 10,000,000 RAM with the ETH raised, and provide it as liquidity in the form of vAMM-RAM/wETH

There is a max of 200 ETH able to be raised for the LGE, with a max price ceiling of: 0.00001 ETH per RAM.

A minimum of 100 ETH will be paired with the 10m RAM for POL, and then the following extra funds will be used for Buybacks and bribing non-native pairs.

At an Ethereum Price of $1500, this is $0.015 per RAM

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