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Emissions Schedule

The liquid RAM emissions according to the protocol's tokenomics
300,000,000 RAM will be distributed over the course of ~91 Epochs, at a 1% exponential decay. The formula to calculate the Epoch's emissions will be as such:
The 300m RAM emissions refer to liquid emissions, not including rebases
Emissions(t)=E0  (ert) t=EpochsE0=5,000,000r=decay coefficientEmissions{(t)} = E_{0}\ *\ (e^{-rt}) \\ \ \\ t = Epochs \\ E_{0} = 5,000,000 \\ -r = decay \ coefficient
After the terminal supply has been reached, tail emissions will be 0.2% of the terminal supply in perpetuity:
  • 1,000,000 RAM / epoch
Alternatively, a user can calculate the emissions for an epoch based on the previous, as such:
Emissions(epoch(N)) =Emissions(N1) 0.99Emissions(epoch(N)) \ = Emissions(N-1) \ * 0.99
RAMSES' Emission Chart
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