๐Ÿ“ˆEmissions Schedule

The liquid RAM emissions according to the protocol's tokenomics

Emissions can and will be adjusted down or up based on market demand, and monitored to prevent overinflating

Emissions(t)=E0ย โˆ—ย (eโˆ’rt)ย t=EpochsE0=Xโˆ’r=decayย coefficientEmissions{(t)} = E_{0}\ *\ (e^{-rt}) \\ \ \\ t = Epochs \\ E_{0} = X \\ -r = decay \ coefficient

Alternatively, a user can calculate the emissions for an epoch based on the previous, as such:

Emissions(epoch(N))ย =Emissions(Nโˆ’1)ย โˆ—0.99Emissions(epoch(N)) \ = Emissions(N-1) \ * 0.99

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