๐Ÿ“œBUSL-1.1 License

RAMSES CL is safeguarded under a BUSL-1.1 license

Why?: In light of the recent changes to the RAMSES codebase, we have made the decision to fortify our CL implementation with a BUSL-1.1 license. This approach allows users to easily review our code and understand the nature of their interactions, while also providing protection against potential malicious forking and intellectual property theft.

Authorized Forking: The RAMSES team is open to providing authorized forking of the codebase, based on our discretion. Any team that wishes to use our CL model is free to reach out to us, and we can work on reaching an amicable agreement on the terms.

Benefits of a BUSL-1.1 License for unique solidity contracts:

  1. Transparency: The license allows users to review the code and understand how it functions. This transparency promotes trust and confidence in the codebase.

  2. Protection against malicious forking: The license helps safeguard against unauthorized or malicious forking of the codebase. It ensures that modifications and derivative works are done with proper authorization and under specific terms.

  3. Intellectual property protection: By using the BUSL-1.1 license, the code's intellectual property rights are clearly defined and protected. This helps prevent unauthorized use, copying, or distribution of the code without proper permission.

  4. Collaboration: The license encourages collaboration by allowing authorized forking. It provides a framework for potential users or teams to engage with the codebase and work together on improvements or modifications.

  5. Legal clarity: The BUSL-1.1 license provides a legally recognized framework for the distribution and use of the code. It establishes clear terms and conditions that govern the rights and responsibilities of both the original code creators and any users or forking parties.

Overall, the BUSL-1.1 license promotes transparency, protects intellectual property, and facilitates collaboration while ensuring that the codebase's integrity and security are maintained.

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