How is xRAM used?

xRAM offers three distinct functionalities that form the basis of the decision matrix:

  • Instant Exit to RAM (xRAM -> RAM): This conversion allows for an immediate transfer of xRAM to RAM at a 60% discounted rate, matched with WETH.

  • Instant Exit to veRAM (xRAM -> veRAM): With this functionality, xRAM can be instantly converted to veRAM 1:0.7

  • Vesting of xRAM (xRAM -> RAM or veRAM): Vesting allows users to receive the full value of the RAM backing each xRAM, through various methods:

    • Minimum Vesting Length (Cancellation Period): The minimum vesting period for xRAM is set at 14 days (86400 * 14), during which it cannot be canceled or else it will be returned.

    • Maximum Vesting Length (100% Exit): The maximum vesting period for a full exit of xRAM is 120 days (86400 * 120).

    Once the minimum vesting length has been surpassed, it becomes impossible to cancel the vesting and retrieve xRAM.

xRAM veExit is being deprecated over the next few weeks and will trail towards the same as instant exits.

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